Wednesday, May 24, 2017


LIFE AND SERIOUS ILLNESS COVER doesn’t stop bad things from happening …
It just makes them more manageable.

LIFE INSURANCE looks after your death … SERIOUS ILLNESS Insurance looks after your life.

Cancer can cost up to € 2,600 per month!

·         Average cost to patient and family of going through the cancer journey is €862 per month (rising to €1200 in some cases)
·         Average loss of income in €1,400
·         A third of working patients give up work
·         A quarter reduce their hours
·         64% changed their working practices in some way
“The stress of managing the cost was greater than the stress of having the Cancer”
Source – Irish Cancer Society 2015

Actual Out of Pocket Expenses

·         Average cost of travelling to appointments, parking/meals in hospital  €287 per month
·         Average cost of medicines and medical expenses was just over €300 per month
·         1 in 7 incurred costs from hospital stays; the average cost was €482 per month and could not be claimed back
·         Over a quarter paid Consultants’ fees at an average of €144 per month
·         €35% had GP’s fees of an average of €88 per month
Source – National Cancer Registry Ireland and Irish Cancer Society
What does cover cost you?
For a 40 year old couple, non-smokers, €200,000 life cover over 15 years will cost €32 per month (just over €1 per day)
Include €30,000 Serious Illness cover and the cost increases by just €20.00 per month.

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