Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hot Topic #22 - Illness or an injury … a second opinion?

Diagnosed with an illness or suffer an injury … would you like a second opinion?
Being diagnosed with a serious illness would be an emotionally overwhelming experience if it happened to you.  You would have lots of questions … What will happen now?  Is the diagnosis correct?  Will the treatment be right?  How can I be sure?  Now, there is someone to help you answer these difficult questions.  The result could save your life.  If you or a loved one were diagnosed with serious illness, Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion can help.
What is Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion and how can their service help?
  • Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion is a global organisation which brings the world’s leading medical expertise to you and your family offering a second opinion when you need it most.
  • Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion has a unique and well-renowned network of medical professionals.  Having such expertise at their fingertips and supported by a truly caring service team, is the reason why thousands of people around the world turn to Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion when they need it most.
  • Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion can help you with those questions that are likely to be racing around your mind if you were diagnosed with a serious illness.
An in-depth review of your medical files will be conducted by a Best Doctors medical specialist to help verify your diagnosis and treatment options.  The process can reduce potentially serious complications that can result from a misdiagnosis, and help you and your treating doctor determine the proper course of action.
But Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion isn’t just for serious life threatening illness.  You can use the service for any chronic or troubling ailments affecting quality of life.
Here are just some of the conditions for which people rely on Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion expertise:
                > Sports Injuries                                               > Musculoskeletal conditions
                > Skin Diseases                                                 > Cancer
                > Blood Diseases                                              > Circulatory system conditions

Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion is available to -
  • You
  • Your spouse / partner
  • Your children up to the age of 18 (or 23 if in full time education).
  • Your parents and your spouse’s / partner’s parents

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