Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hot Topic #15 Valuable Advice is Invaluable

Valuable Advice is Invaluable

Last week we spoke about savings and investments and, with the current low rates on savings, people are looking at various investments to get a better return on their money.  This is where good financial advice becomes important if you want to make your money work for you.

There are lots of financial advisers out there, but it pays to know the different types and what exactly is offered in terms of advice.

All firms and individuals authorised to advise on investment products are registered with The Central Bank and a list of these may be found on the Central Bank website.

Tied Agents sell products from one company. They are limited in what they can advise as they can only tell you about the products they sell for their company.
Multi Agency Intermediaries can offer advice about different products from a range of selected investment firms that they have a relationship with. 
Authorised Advisors consider all the financial products that meet your needs, and act in your best interest at all times.   You will get impartial advice tailored to your needs.  You will get a document stating their terms of business which includes a list of companies they are authorised to do business with and also get a letter explaining the reason for any recommendation.

If you’re thinking of investing the most important consideration is to have the right investment time frame and the right investment risk profile. Talking to a Financial Advisor can help you decide what investment is right for you, be it a product that can offer 100% capital security or a high risk fund that can offer the potential for higher returns.

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