Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hot Topic #13

Every time you move job, there is a chance you’ve left a pension behind!

Do you know where all the pieces of your Retirement picture are?
These days people move jobs more often than before.  As a result there is an increased chance of having multiple pension plans in occupational pension schemes of former employers that need to be managed to provide for the retirement you picture for yourself.

If you’ve ever paid into any of the following, you may be entitled to take some of the benefits …
·         • Private Pension
·         • PRSA
·         • Company Pension

If you moved employment and changed address, your previous employer may still have your old address and pension correspondence may not be reaching you. 
MK Financial are available to help you to carry out a thorough review of your previous pensions and current pension arrangements to make sure you are taking all the best steps to provide for your retirement.

Feel free to contact Michael on 086 844 0541 or email us at

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