Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hot Topic #4

Do you see life through rose tinted glasses?

Most of us think that premature death, serious illness, accident or injury will never happen to us … Sadly, the chances of prematurely dying, suffering a serious illness or having an accident at a young age are a lot higher than you may think.

Statistics from one of Ireland’s leading insurers for 2015 is quite frightening …

Life Cover
Specified Serious Illness
Income Protection
No of claims & total amount paid
1,051 claims totalling €103.1 million
763 claims totalling €48 million
3135 claims totalling €53 million
Average amount paid per claim
Average age of claimant

·         Men accounted for 2 in 3 death claims with women accounting for 1 in 3
·         Higher percentage of women (48%) died from cancer than men (39%)
·         Heart related conditions were the cause of death for twice the rate of men (16%) than women (8%)
·         Rates for accidental deaths were higher for men at 8% compared to just 3% for women

·         Men made up over half (55%) of Specified Illness claims, with women making up 42%
·         Breast cancer was the number 1 overall cause (15%) of all Specified Illness claims. Among women, cervical/ovarian was the second biggest cancer related claim
·         For men, prostate cancer was the main cause of cancer related claims (almost 10% of all specified illness claims) followed by lung and colon cancer
·         Men accounted for 4 in every 5 Specified Illness claims paid for heart related conditions – reflecting the significant gender difference related to heart conditions.

Source for all stats above is Irish Life 2016

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